Man shoots himself in arm after girfriend doesn't put out

Rejection in romance and sexual antics can arouse intense feelings of anger and self loathing in even the most bullet proof of souls, but an American man took it to a whole new level last week by shooting himself in the arm after his girlfriend wouldn’t put out.

According to Metro, the 29-year-old Florida native had been down the boozer with his other half for a few pints of bitter and some pork scratchings. On returning to their lodgings in the wee small hours, the young man wanted to try and help put his female companion in the family way, while she desired forty winks.

Feeling none to pleased, the loveable rogue was left alone to stew in his own brain juices as his lady friend retired to the guest bedroom. Realizing he wasn’t going to get to play hide the salami, he did what any respectable gentleman would do in similar circumstances: he had a wa…. Sorry, rather he shot himself twice in the arm! What a nonce.

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