Man performs oral sex on a woman in a church and gets caught - not good

In a list of worst places in the world to be caught rug munching, the grounds of a church has to clinch it.

A Swansea couple are in big trouble with the law, after being caught on CCTV performing the naughty sexual act in a cemetery. Rachel Rees and imaginatively named ex boyfriend David Davies, had spent the day drinking heavily before being overcome by the raging horn on a local church bench, all the while being filmed by hidden cameras.

While Rees' by now ex lover has already been punished with 4 weeks in the can, Rachel is awaiting her fate.

And it doesn't look good. The wallflower has since been arrested for having a waz outside Micky Ds in Swansea, and the judge is warning that a spell on the inside may be the only cure for her exhibitionism. That or padlocked pants.

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