Man has boob job – on his leg!

Lane Jensen, editor of a Canadian body art magazine, decided that he wasn’t quite happy with his tattoo. So what did he do? He had boob job. But not for him, for the lovely lady emblazoned on his leg. Lane decided the tattoo of the woman, just wasn’t complete without inflating her inky assets, bringing the art work into a new dimension – 3D.

The tattoo enthusiast had small silicone implants inserted into his shin in an operation that lasted 45 minutes. Brian Decker, a tattoo artist, who carried out the procedure, said he was left with nothing more than "a small bruise" (and two leg-boobs!).  Lane is also said to be very happy with his new breasts. Although we recommend that he invests in a good sports bra, you know, as it could be a bit painful when running…

(Image: from Sue Richard’s flickr stream)

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