A mucky puppy

It was back to the library for the Excite team for this particular article/titillating piece of humorous entertainment that is guaranteed to become pub-time conversation at some point in your life. Psychologists have a hard time figuring out whether a fetish is formed through associative behaviour or through repeated exposure to objects/situations in a sexual manner: either way, we couldn't find any information about being turned on by dung, which is, it must be said, quite bizarre.

But is, however, the fetish of one man from Cornwall named David Truscott, who was recently arrested for continuing to enter and trespass on the grounds of a nearby family and pleasure himself whilst naked in their muck spreader. Cleaning the spreader did not deter the sexual, and at times aggressive, behaviour of the man who was finally detained by police, Juicefm reveals.

'David Truscott, 41, was found in a field, covered in muck and naked apart from a single sock, by the farmer's horrified 16-year-old son last month. It was the same farm he had returned to over a period of seven years.'

'Truscott, from Cornwall, was caught just weeks after he was released from a previous prison sentence for a similar offence. And yesterday he was given a two-year sentence after he admitted breaching a restraining order and harassing Clive Roth and his family.'

Why Truscott didn't decide to become a farmer with cows is something we may never understand.

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