Male impotence gene identified

For couples around the world who have been trying various methods of getting pregnant - drinking strange herbal teas, trying exotic Tantric positions and leaving off alcohol and coffee - and have not been successful, new scientific research may able to provide an answer to the question 'why not us?' A new gene has been found in men that explains infertility when no other symptoms seem to be present, the Daily Mail reports.

The NR5A1 gene, if present in men, leads to inexplicable reductions in the quality and quantity of sperm being produced. Where medical check-ups and support may fail to provide a definitive answer, this rogue gene presents the opportunity to for couples to finally learn why they haven't heard the patter of tiny feet.

'We conclude the approximately four per cent of men with otherwise unexplained failure to produce sperm carry mutations in the NR5A1 gene,' said one Dr Bashamboo, writing in the American Journal of Human Genetics. 'Our data also suggest that some forms of male infertility may be an indicator of a mild abnormality in testicular development, underlining a need for careful clinical investigation of men presenting with infertility and abnormal levels of sex hormones.'

It's all very well learning about your bodies personal little difficulties but it helps to know there's a cure or treatment at hand. Watch this space.

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