Genie out of the Botol

The power of film to influence and change the way we view the world can be profound. From 'Boys Don't Cry' depicting a girl pretending to be a boy to get a girl to 'Shortbus' which featured a scene in which three guys partake in a threesome. Ok, so we're not talking about 100% ground-breaking ideas here but the very fact that these films were produced and aired helped progress the LGBT movement massively. Now it seems that conservative countries such as Malaysia are slowly becoming progressive in their acceptance of gay and lesbian cinematic matter.

The first ever Malaysia gay film 'Dalam Botol' or 'In a Bottle' has recently received over one million ringgit in takings within the first five days of its release, Pinknews proudly tells us. Despite fearing a backlash from the more traditional quarters of the country, the film's producer, Raja Azmi, managed to screen her creation which follows the story of a gay Malaysian man undergoing gender reassignment.

'Until last year, Malaysia banned gay characters in films, meaning that Sacha Baron Cohen’s film Bruno could not be shown in the country.'

'Last March, the Malaysian Film Producers’ Association announced that gay characters could be depicted as long as filmmakers show that homosexuality is wrong and has negative consequences.'

Cue the invasion of thousands of episodes of pro-gay 'Brothers and Sisters', 'Dawson's Creek' and 'Sex and the City' onto Malaysian tv.

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