Malaysian welder has DIY penis enlargement mishap

The lengths that people will go to try and increase the size of their trouser snake. The Malaysian Star reports that a welder from Singapore put a metal nut on his John Thomas in an attempt to enlarge the offending member ahead of his engagement.

But the poor 20-year-old strapped on more than he could handle with the bolt becoming stuck when he got a stiffy. All males are advised to cross their legs now. In a scenario reminiscent of the famous zipper scene from There's Something About Mary both hospital staff and members of the local fire department had to intervene to remove the nut.

It's not clear if the poor welder's trouser snake suffered permanent damage but his ego is bound to have taken a pounding. But he is not alone in the DIY penis enlargement stakes.

The Star also reports that just over a week ago, firemen at Universiti Malaya Medical Centre in Kuala Lumpur had to cut a metal ring from a young man's pork bishop after another bit of home surgery went very wrong. Ouch.

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