Making Kisstory

A new book goes peck in time to reveal the history of smooching - and shows that lip-locking hasn’t always been what it’s smacked up to be.

Kisstory: A Sweet And Sexy Look At The History Of Kissing, by Joanne Wannan, reveals that kissing in public was punishable by death in Naples in 1562. While in Glasgow, if you ask for a kiss you may get something else entirely - a Glasgow kiss is slang for a headbutt.

In Swedish, the word ‘kissa’ means to urinate, probably because of the sound it makes.

The average person spends around 336 hours kissing in a lifetime – that’s the equivalent to an exhausting fortnight-long snog.

What we call a French kiss (or Frenchie in some playgrounds) is referred to as an English kiss in India.

The longest-ever kiss lasted an incredible (and probably rather boring) 31 hours and 30 minutes.

While the record for amount of people snogged in least time goes to Alfred Wolfram who kissed 8,001 people in eight hours during a festival in Minnesota - an average of 16 people per minute.

Be picky about who you peck though - a single snog can contain as many as 278 types of bacteria.

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