Make that change

Domink and Andrea switched genders and are now watching the son Dominik gave birth to undergo gender realignment surgery.

It makes them one of the world’s first transexual family. Ilona Tomeckova left her husband and young son fifteen years ago to undergo a sex change operation in Prague and become Dominik Sejda, a man.

Dominik found it hard to find a partner until he met Andrea Kajzarova two years ago, a transsexual who used to be a male bodybuilder called Tomas Kajzar.

‘She had a man's genitals when we met, but she had a neutral name and looked rather like a woman,’ Dominik told Czech TV.

‘Dominik has such personal charm that I told myself after about four months: yes, this is the guy I want to spend my life with,’ said Andrea.

After settling down, Dominik decided to get back in touch with his former family. To his surprise, he found that his son Radim was in the process of beoming a girl named Viktoria.

‘I found a sexologist in May, she sent me to different checks, including genetics. My diagnosis was always 'transsexual',’ said Radim.

Dominik, who now insists on calling his son ‘Viki’, added: ‘We saw each other in May when we celebrated our birthdays together. The guys there made quite a few passes at her, so she looks good.’

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