Majority of Brits unsatisfied with their sex lives

A new survey has revealed that the majority of Brits are unsatisfied with their sex lives. The research, carried out by market research company www.onepoll.com, found that only one in four women surveyed admitted to being completely satisfied between the sheets with one in three males giving the same answer.

The biggest grumble from the females surveyed was their partners lack of imagination in the bedroom with the biggest turn-offs listed including farting in bed and the wearing of socks while doing the wild thing. Menfolk, on the other hand, complained that their partners were more interested in getting off themselves. Pet hates included texting in bed and wearing old t-shirts instead of lingerie.

Despite all of their complaints seven out of ten of those surveyed, from both the sexes, believe that they are great in bed. Delusional moi?

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