Lunchtime six pack for better sex

It's Friday afternoon, half the office are 'working from home' or slumping at their desks by eleven o'clock. It might be tempting for the average Joe to take an early, long lunch, fuelled by a couple of pints of best bitter and a ploughman's. But that evening, he could have had amazing sex by getting the lunch-hour six pack.

Mayur Padia, was one such average Joe, faced with the weekly dilemma of choosing between a svelte physique and (better) sex or noshing on pies and ale. He chose the latter until he had the new 'Vaser Hi Def' lipsuction that removed his excess belly fat and left him with sculpted abs in less than four hours, the News of the World reveals.

'When I went back into the office my friends couldn't believe it. There were no scars and my waist has even shrunk from 32ins to 30ins. I hope it will make it easier for me to get a girlfriend', Mayur opines.

If not, you can always order a takeaway Chinese at the weekend, settle down with a few beers and do it all again next week!

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