Love shack

A B&B in southern Sweden is describing itself as a 'paradise of love' by offering its guests as range of love-making facilities, including an orgasm coach.

Venusgarden Guest in the town of Skurrup has 3 themed bedrooms - Kama Sutra, Venus and Tao. Instead of tea and coffee making facilities, each room comes with sable brushes, feathers, massage oils, incense, Indian silk overhangs, red lanterns, perfumed candles, erotic illustrations and a basket of love toys.

'That's why we call it our love hotel,' landlady Ylva Franzen told News.com.au. 'Some people have called it an orgasm hotel. But that gives completely the wrong impression. We aren't tacky, sleazy or fetishistic. It's a place of romance and romantic bonding.'

Franzen, a 67-year-old former teacher who runs the hotel with her husband, doubles up as the hotel's orgasm coach, though she prefers the title 'erotic pedagogue.'

'We hope Venusgarden is the ultimate romantic destination,' she added. 'It's a place for couples. But firstly for women.'

Couples out there, if you've got the bedroom blues maybe this is the timely boost you need for improved sexy times. Interested parties note that rooms will set you back 227 pounds a night.

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