Love rat

A man from New York, who claims a rat chomped on his manhood while in prison, has been given permission to sue prison officials.

Peter Solomon claims prison jailers knew that the ward he was placed in was infested with rodents. He later had to undergo a series of rabies jabs.

He claims a rat ‘or similar rodent’ came from a hole in his mattress one night and bit him on the penis and hand.

But the BBC reports that Lawyers for Nassau County claim experts saw no evidence of serious injury. Officials disputed that the jail has a rodent problem, and claimed Solomon’s wound did not require stitching and that his injuries were psychological.

Mr Solomon has been jailed in the Nassau County Correctional Centre, near New York City, since 2007. The Vietnam veteran, who claims he suffers post traumatic shock disorder, was transferred to a medical observation unit amid worries he was mentally ill.

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