Love long distance?

They say that romance is dead, and we might be inclined to believe them, whoever 'they' are...we suspect bitter broken-hearts and ex-Valentine's Day rejects. The news from our men at Halifax is that modern day couples are keen to live on their own for as long as possible, before co-habiting and sharing their possessions, the Metro Online reveals.

According to the bank, at least one million UK long-term couples actually live in seperate houses, which equates to one in twenty pairings missing out on late-night snoring, the loo seat being left up and other such delights.

'A valued sense of independence appears to be the main reason that couples are now taking longer to move in together,’ said Martyn Foulds, senior claims manager at Halifax Home Insurance, which questioned 2,000 adults. Younger couples mainly fear rushing in to living together, while the over-35s are most likely to resist because they have too many joint possessions to fit into either property.'

When you have to share your room with your other half's massive collection of bottle tops, you know you have more of a fundamental problem with the relationship itself...

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