Loud sex ASBO woman escapes jail

A woman from Tyne and Wear who was charged with breaking an ASBO which required her to tone down her noisy lovemaking sessions has escaped a prison sentence.

Caroline Cartwright, 48, was picked up by the fuzz three times last April after she and her husband Steve chose to ignore the ASBO and continued to wake up the neighbours with their late night rutting.

Residents of the town of Washington had repeatedly called the local police last year to complain that the couple's riding had made their lives a misery: 'The noise sounds like they are both in considerable pain. I cannot describe the noise. I have never ever heard anything like it,' a neighbour told reporters.

Cartwright claimed in court that she was unable to control herself when making love and any attempt to restrict her sex life would be a breach of her human rights. However, the court thought differently and sentenced the 48-year-old to an eight week suspended prison sentence.

Judge Beatrice Bolton commented on the ruling: 'An anti-social behaviour order was made against you in rather unusual terms. I've heard a very short extract of the noise you make and can well see that your neighbours would be upset and distressed by this.'

'The difficulty here is that the first occurrence was the day following the order. Then three days later you breached it again. In addition it's quite clear from the small extract I heard that you made no attempt to silence yourself.'

Judge Bolton continued: 'Eight weeks in prison suspended for 12 months. It needs to be a prison sentence because you need to be deterred. Also if you commit further offences of this nature that sentence will be passed and you will made to serve it.'

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