'Have we met?'

If you're bored of watching the tv during the day and coming across countless upon countless episodes of trashy soap-operas where big bouphant hair-styled women mutter into the camera, and dastardly yet handsome men plot evil schemes involving embezzlement and alter-egos, just take a moment to enjoy this little vignette. A story that you just couldn't make up for an episode of 'The Bold and the Beautiful.'

A brother and sister grew up together in Ashford, Kent in the late sixties before their mother and father seperated, each taking one of the siblings to live with them in another part of the UK. Sarah Bentley moved to Edinburgh whilst George remained in East London. The pair weren't in contact for years, despite George's efforts to search for Sarah using their mutual surname 'Bentley', The Daily Record tells us. However, Sarah was using the surname 'Kemp', which belonged to a previous husband.

'But against the odds, the siblings were reunited after joining casual dating site ForgetDinner.co.uk last November. They began courting online and frequently exchanged emails and even photographs.'

'After three months, they decided to 'bite the bullet' and met for lunch at The White Horse - George's local pub in East Ham - last weekend [...] After talking about their childhoods for more than an hour, the pair finally twigged that they were related.'

A good thing that they realised the truth early on, otherwise we could be looking at a greek tragedy rather than the perfect day-time soap storyline!

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