Long legs of the law

An eccentric bid to slow down traffic by installing life-size cut-outs of women police officers clad in miniskirts has had an unexpected consequence.

Instead of making motorists check their speed as they check out the pins on the cardboard coppers, the scheme, which took place in the Czech Republic, was such a head turner that accident rates doubled.

The cut-outs were placed at busy junctions throughout the country to save cash on new traffic lights. But police say accident rates soared as men couldn’t resist Czeching them out.

Motorist Petr Lederer, furious after driving his car off the road, said: ‘The cut-outs are distracting. I mean, mini-skirts? In this weather?’

A spokesperson for the police explained: ‘The cardboard WPCs are a way of saving money during the austerity cuts.’

AuSTEERity cuts, more like (see what we're driving at?)

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