Lohan in sex tape riddle

Rumours about rumours about celebrities sometimes make me tempted to rethink the old adage about no smoke without fire.

I wonder what troubled star Lindsay Lohan would think about it. The actress finds herself amid a sea of claims, this time concerning a three-way sex tape in which she is rumoured to have had a hand (or something else).

It all started with everyone’s favourite book - yes, Facebook. A Facebook page with the phrase ‘Lindsay Lohan Just Leaked Having a THREEWAY on Camera ’ recently appeared online, and another message on the site reads: ‘Don't ask how i got this... NO ONE ELSE HAS SEEN THIS VIDEO.’

According to celebrity gossip website TMZ, Lohan has learnt of the page but has strenuously denied the existence of such a tape.

Last January, a Los Angeles waiter also reportedly tried to sell a sex tape he said featured the Mean Girls actress.

There’s goes that smoke again.

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