Lock-down on lipstick lesbians?

Who are the 'Watchmen' of the watershed? The Parents Television Council, that's who. They're responsible for making sure that young innocents stay young and innocent whilst enjoying the potentially explicit and corruptible influences of that flashing box in the corner of your living-room. Oh and for stating the bleeding obvious!

The Council, Jezebel tells us, recently determined that underage teenage girls have more airtime doing sexy things than grown-ups on television, which would account for a possible rise in the number of male viewers watching certain female-centric television shows at certain times. Ahem.

'The study, which looked at the top 25 shows on broadcast television among viewers age 12-17, found that underage female characters have a higher percentage of sexual scenes compared to adult characters. It also found that only 5% of underage female characters showed any dislike about a sexual situation.'

Well, if you go into any club these days, the girls may appear to be kissing each other in an impassioned embrace but in reality, they appear to have one eye on their 'dancing partner' and one eye on the surrounding gaggle of enraptured young men. 'Twas ever thus.

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