Liz: ’I didn’t see the Warning signs’

Liz Hurley’s is reportedly begging husband Arun Nayar to call off their quickie divorce, after discovering serial love-rat Shane Warne was sending explicit texts to another woman while romancing her.

The man they call Horny Warne lived up to his nickname, bombarding Adele Angeleri, 44, with messages like: ‘Very very horny today thinking of you’ and ‘I want to see you riding me.’

Meanwhile Liz’s bid to rekindle ties with her husband seem set to fail. A source said: ‘Liz knows she's been a fool and has phoned Arun to say sorry and beg forgiveness. But Arun wants no part of it and is still going for quickie divorce.’

Which could be as well, with the Indian tycoon, 46, showing signs he’s already started a new innings – he was spotted kissing a mystery woman in public last night outside posh restaurant Scott’s in Mayfair, West London.

The Sun's eagle-eyed witness said: ‘They panicked at being snapped together. She dived into a taxi and he drove off.’

Now if only cricket were this exciting.

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