Liz Hurley in a spin for Shane Warne

He may no longer be Australia’s all-conquering hero, but Shane Warne’s ability to attract women certainly hasn’t waned – the cricketing legend was last week snapped enjoying passionate kisses with the glamorous Liz Hurley, of THAT dress fame.

The News of the World claims to have captured on video the frisky pair getting intimate outside restaurant Sake No Hana last week.

A source for the tabloid said: 'They were so passionate they looked like honeymooners. It was electric.'

The report continued: ‘Hurley and Warne roared with laughter and chatted like old friends during the lively meal in a first-floor room.

'And at 1am they were spotted going down the escalator to the lobby area.’

'While they waited for their coats to be brought to them Hurley reportedly pulled Warne towards her into a darkened doorway, cupped his face with her hands and leaned in to lock lips.

'After releasing from their clinch they gazed into each other's eyes and smiled adoringly.'

It all sounds very incriminating. Whatever that pair were eating that night, you can bet there was some sauce on the menu.

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