Living la vida without legalised gay marriage

He was known for years as the man who sang about how a lady bangs ('she bangs!) and for shaking his snakester hips to the mambo beat of a woman's sexy salsa but for Puerto Rican-born Ricky Martin, who earlier this year came out as a gay man with a male partner of three years, the only thing he has recently been shaking is his fist at his homeland's failure to support legal marriages for gay people.

For the father of two twin boys, Matteo and Valentino, Ricky refuses to tie the knot until the Caribbean island he was born on recognises the rights of gay and lesbian people, the Metro Online reports.

'I am in a relationship right now but we aren't talking about marriage yet. We've been together for three years but it's still a nurturing process. That's where my relationship is at,’ he told Attitude magazine. ‘Unfortunately, we don't have the option of marriage in our country. We could go to Britain or Spain or Argentina and do something beautifully symbolic, but that's not what I want.'

Ricky plans to teach his sons about the importance of modern families with gay or lesbian parents and of families with only one parents of either sex.

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