Like a sex ma-Sheen

Charlie Sheen has further cemented his partyman reputation by spending the night with three porn stars after partying at a blue movie convention in Las Vegas.

Sources claim the 45-year-old star spent the weekend boozing by day - while by night there was a walk-in surgery at his hotel room for young beauties.

And true to form, the father of five didn’t know when to stop - even after the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo - America's biggest gathering of porn industry workers - ended on Sunday, her was still partying. On Monday he hit the Palms Hotel bar and went back to his room with three women.

One of women, porn star Bree Olsen, 24, seems to be a favourite of the actor. He is alleged to have gone to her home town of Indiana to see her during the Christmas period.

But he can afford to gallavant. The actor is the highest paid TV actor in the States. He reportedly earns £525,000 for each episode of sitcom Two And A Half Men.

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