Like a bull in a china shop

A randy bull ran amok in new car showroom after escaping from its enclosure and going in search of a mate.

The 1.5 ton creature escaped from a nearby field in its mission to find a female. But the horny animal was thwarted in its quest when it became trapped by parked cars.

Staring failure in the face, the bull was understandably vexed and threatened to run rampage. Flummoxed police were called to the scene, and were on the verge of shooting the beast after the initial plan of calling in Crocodile Dundee had failed.

That was when one bright spark happed upon the solution - the bull was brought a female in an attempt to calm it.

A police spokesman said: ‘It was a complete transformation. One minute he was snorting and threatening to charge at everything in sight. The next he was rolling his eyes and as calm as a lamb.’

‘It just shows what a good woman can do for a man,’ they added.

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