Life looking Rosie for Coronation Street’s Jason

Sparks fly between Coronation Street’s resident hottie Rosie Webster and hunky builder Jason Grimshaw when they take part in a saucy underwear ad that could end up making the fictional pair fictional celebrities in their own right.

When Jason (Ryan Thomas) gives Rosie (Helen Flanagan) a lift to the shoot for a lingerie company, he catches the eye of the photographer who is looking for a male model.

Things heat up between the pair when Rosie persuades Jason to pose suggestively in underwear that leaves little to the imagination.

And on returning home to Weatherfield, events get even steamier.

With an eye for the main chance, Rosie then has a plan of making the most of their new found fame as the fictional town’s hottest couple.

A spokesperson for the programme said: ‘Rosie does see her and Jason as Weatherfield's answer to Katie and Peter. She hasn't quite managed to hit the big time on her own so she sees an opportunity to create a new Rosie and Jason brand.’

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