Lick into my eyes!

It seems people will try to have sex with any orifice – even if it’s almost completely filled. So we’ve heard of oral sex, anal sex – hey, we even thought someone out there would try a bit of aural sex – but ocular sex is one thing we thought we’d never see! Literally.

Yes – people out there, not just happy with looking at a pair of beautiful eyes – now want to do things that might just make them water. And we’re not talking about thrusting away into someone’s eye socket – that’d just be painful. There are those out there who love nothing more than giving or getting a big, wet tongue in the eye.

This sexual practice, known as oculolinctus, like other fetishes, is all about vulnerability and trust. As the eyes are a very sensitive area, there has to be complete faith between the licker and the person being licked…

But before you jump in with some tongue-on-eye action, there are some things you need to look out for. First of all don’t do it too hard. As said before, the eye is a very sensitive organ – it is very easy to damage or scratch and be especially careful to stay away from the particularly delicate iris and pupil.

Secondly, take care not to have eaten spicy or acidic food. If you’ve ever had chilli or lemon juice in your eye, you’ll know exactly why. Finally – if you suffer from cold sores, definitely don’t indulge in some eyeball licking – the herpes virus can be transmitted to the eye which at worst could result in blindness!

Other than that – happy licking!

(Image: from notsogoodphotography's flickr stream)

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