Librarian pin-ups?

The next time you're perusing your local library, desperate to find some books on antique pottery and kiln-firing, which have probably been defaced with rude words and have the covers falling off, take a moment to glance around as you may be being rated as a hottie in a public place, the Metro Online reveals. Who'd have thought it?

A website called Floxx.com, previously created at and banned by the University College London, allows users to post messages and descriptions about people they see in any public places, such as libraries, train stations and even coffee shops. Like a one-sided Facebook networking site. Almost.

'[Rich] Martell launched the site as a UCL computer science undergraduate in April 2009 – inspired by a joke with rugby friends – before gaining 5 million visits from 250,000 users, across 50 British universities – in just one month. But the site was forced offline by UCL after complaints the content was inappropriate – and was distracting students. The university also fined Martell £300 for bringing the college into disrepute.'

Vanity might make you want to log onto the site and see if anyone has posted a message about you but would you really want to know what someone thinks of you on day three of your intensive revision schedule; all grease, sweat and dirty laundry, no make-up and unshaved?

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