Liar liar, lucky date-pants on fire

Well, after your third glass of wine, you might have already classified your date with one of the following three labels: potential partner for life, a good time in the sack or as suspect as a suitcase left at Heathrow after dark. Ladies, if this reads like your average first-date, worry not: the lastest CelebrityFashion.co.uk survey reveals at least 32% of men tell porkies on that all important first-date.

The results of the survey, revealed by the Metro Online, show that of all the big subjects to exaggerate or lie about, profession was the number one target for blokes with a massive 47% admitting to padding out their profession. Over 50% of the men interviewed gave themselves a more senior position and 27% were that bit more creative, inventing their job-title altogether.

'While the vast majority claimed that they had made up the lie to impress their potential partner, seven per cent said the dishonesty was actually intended to put them off.'

Maybe first-dates are just a good excuse to check out the waiters instead?

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