Lesbian sex teacher faces jail

Some teachers it seems can’t keep their hands to themselves. Take Louise Yeoman, 29, who was yesterday warned that she faces jail after she admitted having sex with a pupil.

The teacher was made to sign the sex offenders’ register after confessing to having sex with the fifteen-year-old girl, despite knowing she was underage. While working at a school in West Yorkshire, she admitted carrying out ten offences in total.

Speaking at Leeds crown court, Judge Peter Collier slammed the teacher: ‘The fact that I am giving you bail is no indication that a sentence will not be custodial.

‘All that is a matter for the judge you come before.’

Yeoman, from the posh North Yorkshire town of Harrogate, will be sentenced next month. After such a heinous offence, we think it’s unlikely that she’ll be able to find work in a classroom again. And that’s probably no bad thing.

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