Lesbian liplock leaves ladies lad-less

Since time immemorial, the ultimate end to a night of clubbing for most blokes was seeing two girls dancing hip-to-hip, cheek-to-cheek and maybe making out with each other for fun. Which some would call soft porn, in fact. But apparently, a recent survey shows that most men would actually dump their girlfriend if they shared a similar sexy same-sex kiss.

The astonishing news from the Metro Online spells out the results of the recent MyCelebrityFashion.co.uk survey which reported that a third of men would end a relationship with a lass over a lesbian lip-lock, whilst forty percent of men would be angered by the pash.

'When male respondents were asked: ‘Would you consider it cheating if your girlfriend kissed a man for fun?’ A whopping 82 per cent answered ‘yes’. And when they were further asked: ‘Would you consider it cheating if your girlfriend kissed a girl for fun?’ Three fifths (61 per cent) of men answered yes, 22 per cent answered no, while 17 per cent said ‘it depends’.'

Somehow the survey fails to report whether these men might consider extending their relationship to involve this 'other woman', which, to be honest, might be a way most men would prefer to spend their evenings.

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