Leg over-time

Sex hungry Scots will be hoping for more than just a kiss under the mistletoe this Xmas party season.

Research from gay dating site Gaydar showed that those north of the border fantasise for the whole year about getting nookie from a colleague. The findings also revealed how deep in their pockets office workers are prepared to go to find the right outfit for the occasion.

Gaydar employee Simon Johnson said: ‘The work Christmas party appears to be the playground to enjoy fun, festive frolics... whether gay, straight, single, married or taken!’

The survey, which covered major cities in the UK, showed that 39 per cent of Edinburgh folk dream of getting their leg over with a co-worker, while in Glasgow a massive 41 per cent claim to have already done so!

When the festive spirit takes hold, the store room is favoured place for these spontaneous expressions of yuletide joy, followed by the toilet and the boardroom table.

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