Lebanese man told ’you’re not gay’

A Lebanese man claiming to be gay who once got engaged to an Australian woman to appease his abusive father has been denied a protection visa because authorities don’t believe he is really homosexual.

The 25-year-old man, who can not be named, sought the protection order, claiming he suffered from continual homosexual abuse in Lebanon and experienced constant pressure from his father to marry because he was not ‘acting like a man.’

A tribunal heard that during a visit to Australia he became engaged to a woman, but broke off the engagement when his boyfriend in Lebanon found out. He told the tribunal that he only did it to get a visa, and that what happened to him shows ‘the struggles which a homosexual Muslim man faced when reaching marital age and in trying to avoid the stigma associated with being gay’.

But the tribunal did not believe he was gay or that he had been persecuted, saying that his purported level of fear would have led to a more prompt aplication for protection.

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