Last year’s sexy fun

2007 was a good year for erotic events. One of our favourites was Spencer Tunick’s nude art in Mexico City, which broke a world record for having 18,000 nude people posing. This was three times the amount of his previous largest number of 7,000 in Barcelona. Looks like people are certainly getting more comfortable in their birthday suits!

The next one, a little closer to home, was The Erotica 2007 exhibition in Olympia, the world’s largest erotic expo, which attracted a massive 80,000 visitors. The exhibition was also graced by the presence of the one, the only… Dita Von Teese, who put on a lovely show for all the sexy revellers. Then it was everyone down to Torture Garden’s after party, for a bit more sexy fun! Oh good times!

Thinking back makes us all nostalgic (amongst other things) and we just can’t wait for what next year has to offer…

So what was your hottest moment of 2007?

(Image: from YouTube)

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