Lady Gaga: ‘I have a rather large penis’

Lady Gaga risked catching a chill last Saturday night, playing piano in just leather pants and bra at a gig in the Norwegian capital Oslo.

But not content with giving the audience an eyeful, Gaga went on to address persistent internet rumours that, contrary to all the nearly-naked photos of her in existence, the singer is in possession of the male reproductive organ.

Grabbing the microphone between two songs, she said: ‘I don’t know if you’ve heard it, but I’ve got a rather large penis’.

I’d say Lady G must have a soft spot for the Norwegians to divulge such private information, a fondness Gaga confirmed next day to reporters in downtown Oslo.

‘I've had a great time in Oslo. People have been really nice. I’m recording the rest of my record in Oslo, and it will be my best ever'.

The new album is released in March or April 2011 and will be called 'Born This Way,' which may or may not refer to the performer’s latest bodily predicament.

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