Lacrosse fans were given a treat when their team’s mascot was given a lap dance at half-time by three women.

The nearly naked women were competing with each other to put in the best performance at the game in Boston, Massachusetts on Friday. Boston Blazers team mascot Scorch was sat in the middle of the pitch on a chair while the ladies took turns in giving ‘private’ dances.

But the team was forced to apologise after many fans complained.

Supporter Janet Lonergan-Spinney wrote on the team’s Facebook page that she was 'not entertained' by the display.

'Whoever planned the lap dance show used poor judgement - very disappointing and in very bad taste. My kids love the Blazers so hopefully this will never happen again,' she wrote.

But others fans put a more positive spin on the lap-dancing show. Fan Nick Murphy wrote on the page:

'As a blazers fan enjoying the normal excitement of the game the halftime show made for a hilarious form of entertainment that I definitely wasn't expecting but gave me a great laugh.'

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