Kylie's lesbian kiss wish-list

As her new single 'All the lovers' became available to buy two days ago, the diminuitive antipodean diva revealed exactly which Hollywood leading ladies she wouldn't mind planting a smacker on. Her new single, which sees Calvin Klein model lookalikes indulging in a bit of arty frottage, contains images of same-sex attraction, and now it seems Kylie herself is taking an open-minded approach to getting a bit of publicity.

First up on the list is the favourite of lipstick lesbians everywhere, Angelina Jolie, who once confessed to having actually had a lesbian relationship, the Sun Online reveals. Following on from the super-pout superstar, Kylie points out that 'as far as hot girls go[:] Scarlett Johansson' adding that 'Megan Fox's beautiful as well'.

Old wily Kylie appears to be hedging her bets safely. Scarlett Johansson, like Angelina, has had the pleasure of locking lips with a lady, namely one Sandra Bullock, at a recent MTV event. Megan Fox, the current female face for Giorgio Armani, has suggested that she's bisexual. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, Kylie, so we suggest you pucker up.

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