Kiwi men feel pressured into sex

All is not well in New Zealand – sexually anyway. First we hear shocking news of gangs of girls taking to the streets in search of no-strings sex, but now we hear men aren’t exactly without their own sexual problems. In a strange twist, while women are simply bursting with erotic energy, the most common sex-related complaint for the guys is lack of sexual desire…uh-oh!

It’s really no wonder 29% of 5000 Kiwi men asked say they feel pressured into sex or have sex unwillingly. So what’s next – women spiking men’s drinks with Viagra in an attempt to get them going? Something needs to be done down in New Zealand and sex therapist Robyn Salisbury thinks she knows what.

"We have to look beyond the symptom and find what the cause is in order to bring about lasting change," says Robyn. "The potential complexity of sexual problems suggests that specialist help is required to enable the appropriate solution to be found." 

So – basically the sex therapist advises everyone to get some pricey sex therapy – funny that. Then again, if it’s that or the wrath of a woman with the horn – we know what we’d do…

(Image: from RYN TMRW’s flickr stream)

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