Kissy kissy

Boffins are heralding a blow against homophobia – research suggests that male students these days are quite happy to share tender moments with their same-sex pals.

Sociology lecturer Eric Anderson surveyed 145 male students and found that found that 89 per cent were relaxed with the idea of kissing their male friends on the lips.

Around 40 per cent polled said they’d locked lips with a male friend, ‘initially for shock value, but now just for ‘a laugh’.’

Mr Anderson reckons that his findings indicate that the UK is ‘near the end of homophobia being acceptable for youth in the UK.’

‘Sexual minorities have made tremendous cultural and legal improvements towards equality – the media is saturated with images of sexual minorities, and homosexuality is almost normalised today,' he told The Guardian newspaper.

‘This is particularly true of youth. Young people have disassociated themselves from homophobia the way they once did from racism.’

He concluded: ‘You would be gravely mistaken to think that most youth are homophobic.

‘Kids are coming out earlier and earlier – contact theory works: we all have gay friends and family members today. Homophobia is in rapid retreat – it’s just not the issue it was when I was a kid.’

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