Kissmas time

Frisky British office workers like to get in the Christmas spirit at the annual office bash. According to a poll released yesterday, just under 30 per cent engaged in lip-locking sauciness with a colleague last Crimbo, while one in seven claim to have rocked all the way round the Christmas tree, having sex with a co-worker during or after the party.

The poll found that East Anglia was the most lustful region, with 56 per cent of workers claiming to have become involved with a colleague at a Christmas Party. Over half of 45-54 year olds claimed they got amorous at the yearly event, while the 25-34 age bracket on 24 per cent was least likely to get up to funny business.

The survey of 3,000 workers in the UK was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of lastminute.com.

It found that about three-quarters of Scots ranted at a colleague, but that only 32 per cent regretted their actions the next day.

Figures for the amount of people who photocopied their bodily parts were not released.

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