Kink is ok

Ever wanted to spice up your sex life but always felt a little afraid? Well, apparently you’re not the only one. In her new book You Know You Love It: Lessons in Sexual Mischief, professional psychotherapist and dominatrix Ilona Paris says that most people are generally a little nervous about doing things considered kinky. However she doesn’t want to let that stop us…

The trick, as with all things, is to ease yourself into it. Start with something little like a blindfold or the odd spank here and there and, before you know it, you’ll be clad in PVC, hung upside down, being whipped screaming ‘Neeeeeigh!’. And if you feel a bit weird while doing this, don’t worry. Paris says that above all, you must remember, it’s ok to be kinky. Paris adds: "There's a big fear factor in enjoying one's juiciness. But I want to help people see that kink is fun and will enhance your sex life."

So, there! Off you go – open the door to the dungeon and never look back!

(Image: from igKnition’s Flickr stream)

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