Kings Cross-dress ‘killer’ is having a sex change

A person accused of pushing a transvestite human-rights lawyer under a train is a man in the process of having a sex change, it has been revealed.

Nina Kanagasingham is charged with pushing David Burgess under an evening rush-hour train last Monday at King's Cross Underground station. Emergency workers were at first convinced that the victim - also known as Sonia - was a woman.

Kanagasingham, 34, from Cricklewood, London, was sitting in the dock at the Old Bailey with an unshaven chin when the judge asked: ‘This defendant is in the process of undergoing a sex change. Has it been completed?’

He was told that it had not, and that the accused wished to be referred to as Nina.

Cross-dressing Mr Burgess, 63, was a top dog human rights lawyer, and leaves behind him three children. Meanwhile Nina Kanagasingham has been left to stew in a cell until the next hearing in February.

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