Kindergarten Kink

Whilst felt, sticky-backed plastic and play-doh are the usual materials of choice for the average seven year old's afternoon of play-time, it seems strange that using sandbags in a sexual way and playing with phallic pieces of fabric should ever be present in Kindergartens across the world. Sex education, as a thorny issue, has yet again reared its pipe-cleaner head.

In Basel, Switzerland, one particular school has introduced slightly advanced sex education toys into its classes to teach children how to appreciate the sexuality in a pleasurable way and to learn how to stop unwanted advances, The Local reveals.

Although the aim is self-empowerment and the controlled early discovery and awareness of one's body sexuality, Daniel Schneider, a deputy rector for the Kindergarten maintains that 'it's important that they [the children] learn to say no if they don't want to be touched in a certain area.'

''Sex education, sure, but it shouldn't been done this early and it certainly shouldn't be obligatory,' said Daniel Trappitsch of the Citizens for Citizens association, who warned of a 'catastrophic development' that needed to be fought.''

'Gabi Huber of Switzerland's Free Democratic Party also expressed astonishment at the new program.'

''Sex education in this form belongs and should stay in the hands of parents – and certainly not in kindergartens,' she said, calling on education authorities 'not to tolerate instruction like this.''

What next? A Sesame Street special about not buying crack from a street dealer?

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