Keeping it under wraps

If you’ve got concerns about your man’s wandering eye, or you think he’s hand jiving that little bit too much, it could be that you need to invest in a chastity belt for men.

Yes really. The new device was unveiled at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas reports Asylum, though unlike most of the sex toys on show, this works to prevent pleasure rather than stimulate it.

How does it do this? Well, it’s is basically a polycarbonate plastic casing for the penis with padlock attached that locks up a man’s shlong for as long as the the person with the key likes.

However, the company’s homepage imbues this love-locking device with a somewhat more BDSM flavour. It says: ‘He will worship the ground you walk on. Men love power, and knowing you have exchanged this power will bring him to his knees.’

So it’s all about power then? Not necessarily. The company’s website also includes testimonies from happy punters. A man from Michigan claims: ‘It is secure, comfortable, restrictive, and airport safe. I don't even know it's there.’

While another man, from Florida, writes: ‘Now my wife lets me go to Vegas with a smile and the security of knowing that she is my key holder. This product is much more effective than the marriage counselling.’

The chastity belt for men comes in camouflage, wood grain and chrome models.

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