Katie Waissel’s gran: on the game and no shame

It’s called the oldest profession and she’s perhaps one of its oldest practitioners. Yesterday, the 81-year-old gran of Katie Waissel boldly emerged from the parapet of X Factor publicity to declare: ‘I’m proud to be a prostitute.’

Sheila, who works for specialist escort agency Mature Courtesans under the name Grand Dame Cecilia Bird, spoke to the Sun about her life on the game as her family publicly disowned her.

She said: ‘I work as a prostitute because I love it. It gives me great satisfaction and keeps me young. I could go on for years yet. Why should I stop? I think of myself as a refined lady giving a very special service men are not going to get anywhere else. I've had a few celebrity clients but I would never say who they were. They worked in the music industry and TV and things. I like to make men happy and content. I have no inhibitions. I love people. I'm an outgoing personality who lives in the 21st century.’

She even issued an invitation to reality TV chief Simon Cowell, saying: ‘He is welcome at any time.’

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