Katie Price tells Kerry Katona to get rid of Mark

Not content with being Britain's biggest boobed and celebrity mum, Jordan is now offering a helping hand to BFF and fallen MILF Kerry Katona. Speaking on the Charlotte Church Show, Price tossed a few home truths Kerry's way, and in typical straight talking style didn't take any prisoners.

Number one, Mark Croft is big turkey and she should get shot. 'I fink Mark is absolute sh*t for er an she should leave im'. Number two, Kerry should sort her life out and stop being miserable. 'I wanna scoop er up, take er unda my wing an give her a big cuddle - then knock some sense into er'.

Jordan also talks about the success of her 17th book (currently at the top of the book charts). "I won't lie to you, I don actually sit there and write em, but it is my story. I enjoy doin em'. When questioned as to what other authors think of her, Price says 'they 'ate me - but bollox to em'. You wouldn't mess.

Katie Price on the Charlotte Church Show

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