Kate’s private matter

As you may already have noticed, we do like a bit of straight talking – especially when it comes to…ahem…certain subjects. That’s why we have just discovered our new favourite celebrity – Kate Beckinsale.

So she’s been in a few bum films and she had a pretty dodgy accent in Underworld – but after reading an interview with Kate we’ve found a new appreciation of the actress! A few weeks ago when asked what her best feature was the quintessential English rose revealed a few thorns…

“My best feature is unfortunately a private matter, although I'm told it is spectacular. But you can't really walk it down the red carpet. What can I say?" Then just to clarify matter further (as if we needed it) she mouthed to the interviewer “My twat!” Charming!

And Kate just can’t get enough of these “private matters”. Just a few days ago naughty Miss Beckinsale lowered the tone when asked about food. “I can’t do raw. I can’t do sushi, even. Anything that has that vaginal quality to it. I’d rather eat an actual vagina than that, honestly. At least a vagina would be warm."

Oookay Kate – when you’re round for dinner – we know won’t serve sushi. But just not to disappoint, you think, you could give us a list of foods with this special quality…

(Image: from oneras' flickr stream)

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