Kate suing Pete over sex tape

Apparently, people’s poet Pete Doherty is trying to hawk tapes of him and Kate Moss in flagrante to telly networks. And the Mosser is suing.

Now, we can see the appeal of watching Miss Moss ‘at work’. But can you think of anything more repellent than watching Pete Doherty’s scrawny white bum going up and down?

If he is trying to sell the tapes, his behaviour comes with a level of moral bankruptcy we weren’t sure Doherty would ever stoop to. But it’s the TV executives who buy this sort of garbage who are most unsavoury. The old justification that ‘we’re showing it in the public’s interest’ doesn’t wash when the films in question are private. It’s all in the word ‘private’, know what we mean?

The thought of seeing Kate Moss in a sexy clinch is appealing. The idea of how we might come to see that clinch is rather distasteful. Not for us.

Merry New Year!

(Image: from YouTube)

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