Kama Sutra for the Nintendo DS

Ever wondered what computer boffins do in their spare time? Well the answer is now here in the form of Kama Sutra for the Nintendo DS. This unofficial game has been cooked up at home by a bored programmer on his day off and is available free for download.

Sadly it doesn't feature classic Nintendo characters such as Luigi, Mario and Yoshi bumping uglies. Instead there's a bored looking animated couple getting through 52 positions in a one night stand. The user interface even features badly drawn willies as the forward and back buttons. Classy.

But the funniest part of this home-made chucklefest are the descriptions of the complex sexual entanglements, with "the woman is installed in four legs, the man is in knees" and "the vaginal walls tighter promote more intense sensations" just two of the many highlights.

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