Just 'aving a baf! Katherine Heigl's hot tub antics with husband Josh Kelley brings cops to the door

You can’t really blame Katherine Heigl for wanting some quality time with her song-writing hubby Josh Kelley, especially when he’s just been away on tour. But the couple’s steamy hot tub session left one of their neighbours wanting to pull the plug.

Explaining herself to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show, actor Heigl claimed it was like ‘totally PG’ and that they were just ‘listening to music’.

‘He [the neighbour that is] starts screaming at us to go inside. I'm like, I've had it, I've had enough of this. It's ridiculous, it's harassment and I'm calling the police.’

A rash decision Katherine, particularly when you’re wearing a mismatched bikini. When the cops arrived and Ms Heigl came to the door the shutter-bugs needed no further invitation. Just look above for the proof!

After a discussion inside the house, the neighbourly dispute seemed to die down, though it must have put a dampener on their romantic plans for that evening, don't you think?.

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