Just a little crush

Those longing, furtive glances on the tube can lead to anything: a drunken conversation about how long you have to wait for a Northern line train to turn up (which can be most of your evening on occasions), an unsure smile by way of a return or maybe even a conversation struck up, whereby you learn never to talk to seemingly washed and clean-smelling people again.

A new UK website is taking the online world by storm, Salon reveals to us. Tubecrush allows women and men across London to post up sneaky snapshots of travelling Tube totty and have other visitors to the site comment on them.

'User-submitted shots are posted on the site with some eyebrow-wiggling commentary (e.g. 'we just know there is a six-pack under that coat') and visitors can give them a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down.'

'It's getting a lot of coverage across the pond and, unsurprisingly, stirring up some controversy. The Guardian's Sunny Hundul criticized the Evening Standard's coverage of the site, which he argued was all too flippant and embraced an unfair double standard.'

If there was a website with hundreds of photos of women snapped unawares, would we think that is ePerving or some modern form of image-stalking? Let's have a heated, thoroughly-modern debate!

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